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ASTM standards available in electronic (PDF) and paper formats

RSS channels

RSS technology will enable you to acquire quickly, easily, and after setting, even automatically information on the latest published standards which you may buy within this eShop. You can find support in numerous modern applications and as RSS can save a lot of time as well as means there is no reason for not using that.

Overview of the offered RSS channels

Czech standards ČSN Slovak standards STN
American standards ASTM American standards ASME
British standards BS German standards DIN
European standards ETSI Chinese standards GB
Russian standards GOST International standards IEC
Netherland standards NEN American standards SAE
Spanish standards UNE International standards UIC
International standards ISO All standards

RSS readers

Perhaps the best-known RSS reader is FeedReader. It can be easily controlled and it does not include any unnecessary difficult functions. Channels may be added manually or imported from a file. Start of a message is diaplyed straight in the application or you may set displaying the whole message site. And of course, function of searching and filtering the messages is not missing. The application may be launched in various language versions and Czech is among them.
Download the application

Feed Demon
For beginners it is fine to have FeedDemon. Graphically excellent RSS tool can be now newly downloaded for free. It has enlisted tens of sources and thus it can be easily used even by those who have only started to discover RSS. FeedDemon offers an attractive and easily usable interface with integrated web browser.
Download the application

Feed Demon
If you use a computer at work and another one at home, you must appreciate Google Reader. The previous RSS readers keep the overview and order of RSS sources on one computer only and they must be installed. Google Reader is a fully internet solution andit is not installed. Wherever in the world, from whatever computer, you connect, you always work with the same RSS reader, which means the same information portfolio based on your selection.