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Ever-valid technical standards

We offer to you a solution how to use still-valid (latest) technical standards, i.e. including all the modifications and corrections. In case of cancellation of a standard we will provide you with a substitute. And you need not keep it on mind.
We offer to you a single check of validity of your standards as well as regular automatic updates. We provide this type of service for the customers who want us to deliver the standards as well as for those who just want us to send information on validity of the standards.

Do you want to be sure that you are using valid standards only?
Do not you have time to check validity of the standards that are crucial for you?
Do you want to manufacture, construct, design in accordance with valid standards only?
Do you want to have checked if the standards which you are using are valid and if they include
    all the modifications and corrections?
Do you want to have everything related to standards prepared for certification?
Do not you know how to find which standard substitutes a withdrawn standard?

If you have responded yes to at least one of the questions, then we have a solution for you. If you fill in the questionnaire below, we will design a solution for you which will ensure that you can always absolutely rely on validity of the standards that are crucial for you.

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I have already had technical standards

I want to have monitored validity of the following types of standards
(e.g. ČSN, STN, DIN, ASTM, SAE, BS, etc.):

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