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GOST standards available in electronic (PDF) and paper formats

Commercial Terms and Conditions

These Commercial Terms and Conditions apply to purchasing in the internet shop and define rights and duties for the seller and the buyer(s).

All the orders placed through this internet shop are binding. By sending the order, the buyer acknowledges that s/he has got familiarized with the Commercial Terms and Conditions and that s/he accepts them. Order is a draft of purchase contract. The purchase contract comes into effect after the seller has confirmed the order. Order confirmation will be sent to the buyer’s e-mail address, which s/he has entered when registering, or when placing the order without registration. Among others, due to this reason there is a prerequisite for an order to be valid, which requires filling most of information within the registration (order) form and keeping that updated. Property right for the goods is ceded to the buyer only after take-over of the goods and paying the purchase price.

Language version of the standards:
If a standard is offered with an option of the language version, this always means authorized translations made straight by the publisher of the standards. Only for Russian and Chinese standards, the translations are not made by the publishers, but these are realized by qualified technical workers. For sure, you will be satisfied with accurate and high-quality translations which are always made by native translators in the country of origin (Russia, or China).Quality management systems in those companies have been certified in accordance with ISO 9001. All the translators are properly employed and they have university education. The translators work exclusively within their special branches and qualifications. The most suitable translator is always chosen depending on type and sort of the source text. Such high standards guarantee quality of the resulting translation.

Terms of Payment:
Payment for the goods is generally done in the form of cash on delivery. We may allow the regular contractual partners paying after delivery of the goods, upon a tax document within maturity of 14 days, if they did not have any payments overdue during the previous deliveries. Postage and packing fees are charged depending on weight and price of the ordered goods. Transport costs are charges in accordance with the transporter’s pricelist
Each international order must be paid for before dispatching the goods. To pay we recommend using (selection of way of payment is in the third step of the cart "Way of payment and delivery"):
   Dot a payment card online, when bank transfer fees are avoided and the payment is done safely
     immediately (see more information here...)
   Dot a sent advance invoice and pay by remittance order from your account.

For the goods which is not available in stock (there is not a Yes) symbol) and must be ordered at its publisher, there will be added real shipping and packing costs. We will tell you the amount when being asked by e-mail at, or by phone at telephone number +420 566 621 759.

Shipping Periods:
Unless otherwise stated for the goods at the website, the goods ordered on a working day until 2 o’clock p.m. will be dispatched on the same day, or on the following working day at the latest. In case of unpredictable circumstances the seller reserves the right to extend the shipping period. In such a case, the buyer will be informed on extension of the shipping period by phone or by e-mail.

Rules for Complaints:
1. Before taking the goods from a transporter, the buyer is obliged to check whether the goods has not been damaged during transportation. When damage is found, the buyer must write a record on damage of the shipment together with the transporter and s/he must inform the seller..
2. If the buyer finds damage of the delivered goods, which could be claimed of, s/he may apply the complaint either by letter or by internet mail.
3. In three working days after having received the complaint, the seller will announce the way of complaint handling to the buyer.
4. The buyer must submit all accompanying documents for the complaint to be successfully handled, i.e. a tax document, delivery note, or others and return the delivered goods.
5. Depending on the type of defect and goods and in accordance with the terms and conditions defined generally by legal regulations, the buyer has the right to insist on replacement of the goods or on termination of the contract and being refunded with the purchase price.
6. In case of failure to meet the shipping period mentioned in the previous clause "Shipping periods", the buyer shall be entitled to be refunded with paid amount to his/her account. In such a case, the seller must refund the entire amount on the second business day at the latest following after receiving a customer´s request by e-mail, fax or by mail.
7. The buyer is not entitled to return software, documents in electronic formats or subscription services.

Protection of Personal Data:
By using the internet shop, the buyer agrees with registering information on his/her person and his/her purchase into the seller’s database. The seller undertakes to use personal data of the buyer in accordance with the Act on Protection of Personal Data.
All the data which will be the seller provided with by the buyer when ordering the goods is considered to be confidential and will not be forwarded to third party or otherwise revealed, excluding the situations related to execution of the order (delivery of the goods, payment, etc.)