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DIN standards now available in electronic format (PDF)


 The goods and services offered:
       - Technical standards
       - Technical publications
       - Software
       - Updates of standards and acts

Setting language environment:
Language environment may be changed in the upper right section of the screen.
Options offered:
       CZ - Czech
       CZ - Slovak
       CZ - English
       CZ - German

Options of payment:
       - online by card help
       - cash (in the plant of NORMSERVIS s.r.o.)
       - cash on delivery (in case of delivering to an address within the Czech Republic only)
       - transfer - proforma invoice (advance payment)
       - transfer - invoice (accepted for regular customers, or after having agreed previously)

Setting currency
Purchase may be realized in the following currencies:

- USD          - EUR          - GBR          - CZK          - CHF          - BRL

Currency may be changed either in cart or in each selection of the items (in the upper section of the offer of goods).


Variants of versions of the goods offered:
Unless otherwise stated, version of the goods is printed. If there are multiple variants offered, such variants are described for the item.
The variants are following:
       - Printed
       - Electronic (PDF)
       - Electronic (protected PDF) help
       - CD-ROM

Details displayed:
Each selection is split in pages including 30 entries. There are numbers of pages that may be selected in the heading and the footing of each page. Czech and Slovak databases are ranked upwardly, based on sorting characters of the standards; foreign databases are ranked in accordance with number of the standard.
The databases contain not just entries of bibliographic details of the standard themselves, but they also include entries of the printed modifications and corrections. In such case, entry of the standard is always the first one and entries of modifications and corrections are following. Furthermore, the entries of modifications and corrections are highlighted in red inscription of "Modification" or "Correction".
Each entry of the database includes:
       - Designation of standard (degree + number of standard)
       - Date of publication of standard
       - Title of standard
       - Catalogue number
       - Price (both, VAT excl. and VAT incl.)
       - stock availability
       - Number (a box in which number of pieces purchased shall be entered)
       - Symbol of shopping cart kosik to acknowledge purchase of the goods selected
       - Annotation
       - Preview - may be launched by pressing the magnifier symbol displayed lupa in the first column
If the entry does not include a price (there is a graphical symbol displayed otaznik) most probably this is a new standard, whose price has not been specified so far. In such a case we will tell you the price when being requested.

Log-in (registration) is not needed to enter or order the goods in the Internet shop. However, the registration allows you simple creation of further orders, since you need not enter your details (delivery address, invoicing address, VAT number, company ID, e-mail, telephone number) again. The first registration of the customer is to be done using the function (upper right corner) of "Registration" of a new customer by filling in the form displayed.
Enter your chosen user name and password in the first section of the form. Then you must fill in the identification details requested. Registration is sent by pressing the "Register´ button".
The customer, who have been already registered, will select the "Log-in" item (upper right corner) and the will log in the Internet shop by entering the user name and password in the appropriate boxes, and by confirming with the "Log-in" button. If log-in proceeds successfully the user will view customer´s user name in the upper right corner. When clicking this name, all the customer´s details are displayed, including history of his/her orders. In this page, the customer may correct customer´s details and even change the log-in password.

K vyhledávání požadovaného zboží lze využít dvě možnosti:
1. In the left-hand menu there is a box intended for entering the searching prerequisite; you may enter the expression sought in this box and start the search after clicking the "Search" button. In this type of searching, the standards are sought according to degree of standard (ČSN; ČSN EN; ČSN EN ISO etc.), number of the standard, sorting character, title (e.g. ČSN 45020) at the same time.

2. When selecting the ´Extended searching´ item (upper section of the left-hand menu) you may also make use of the ´Extended searching´ where you may carry out the search based on:
       - Degree (ČSN; ČSN EN; ČSN EN ISO etc.)
       - Number (e.g. 45020)
       - Sorting character (e.g. 010101)
       - Part of title (even multiple words, or roots of the words, separated with space, may be entered)
       - Catalogue number (e.g. 78683)
       - Date of publication (e.g. 1.12.2008 or 1,12,2008 or 1-12-2008 or 1/12/2008 or 12.2010)
       - ICS code
You shall enter the expression searched, based on which you want to carry out the search, in the above-mentioned boxes. You may carry out the search using multiple items at the same time..

Enter the number of pieces desired in the "Number" box of the item found and click the shopping cart icon kosik. Thus you have included the items in preliminary order and you may repeat the selection (search) to order further items. You may change number of pieces for each item in the preliminary order by pressing the button zmena (Change number of pieces) in the "Cart" section. Any you may also cancel each order item by pressing the button krizek (Remove from the cart).