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ASTM standards now available in electronic format (PDF)

Delivery and Update of legislative Regulations

Our company, like in the matter of technical standards, deliver even the homeland legislative regulations, which were declared after 1945 in Collection of Laws. These are Decrees, Constitutional Court Judgements, Government Decrees, Decisions of President of the Republic, Notifications of Ministries, Constitutional Court Notifications, Resolutions of Chamber of Deputies, Government Resolutions, Constitutional Acts, Regulations, Legal Measures, Legal Measures of Senate and Acts.

All delivered legal regulations include all amendments (changes). We deliver regulations to both, random customers as well as to customers for whom we realize the complex service resting in management (update). The service is suitable especially for small and middle companies which introduce or have introduced quality management system in terms of standards of ISO 9000 series, because legal regulations are also included in the category "MANAGED DOCUMENT". We realize the service on the basis of mutual contract with the user. We deliver software product EviZak to big companies or to companies which use huge number of regulations.

Price of the service depends on number of managed regulations. The unit price is decreasing with number of monitored regulations. Delivered regulations may be either in printed or electronic version in pdf format.

Introducing this service you will get:

certainty of validity of used regulations
delivery of missing regulations
continuous delivery of new legal regulations
monthly overview of all new regulations
annual overview of monitored (managed) regulations
we will send draft of contract with price list when ordering the service

We will be glad to provide you with detailed information by e-mail .