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GOST standards now available in electronic format (PDF)

Payment for goods using a credit card through Internet

Paying by card through Internet is safe.

  • when accepting credit cards we use 3D-Secure solution – the most advanced application of card Associations MasterCard and Visa which enables safe payments by card through the Internet
  • you enter your credit card data direct to bank
  • None of our employees can access data of your credit card
  • data transfer is realized via HTTPS secure protocol, which encodes this information

Paying by card is rewarding!

  • unlike cash on delivery paying by card is free of charge (you do not pay cash on delivery amount or expensive bank fees when paying from abroad)
  • safe and comfortable way of shopping
  • you need not have cash with you when accepting the goods
  • you have booked your goods automatically when paying for the goods by card!

Which cards do we accept?

Visa Card Master Card Maestro Card Visa Electron card Diners Card
VISA MasterCard Maestro* VISA Electron*  Diners Club
paypal JCB Card American Express card Discover Card Money Bookers
PayPal JCB American Express Discover Moneybookers

Other Cards

* VISA Electron and Maestro do not allow payments for older cards issued by Czech banks. Payments are only enabled by new, electronic card versions. If you are not sure, please, contact your issuing bank.

Instructions to follow when you decide to use your credit card to pay for the chosen goods:

  • a) go to the cart after having chosen the goods
  • b) select the way of payment "Online by card" in the cart´s tag "Way of payment and delivery"
  • c) after having selected the way of delivery press the key "Continue to Summary"
  • d) after having checked all the data and having clicked on the key "Firm Order" you will be routed to our processing bank, which will ask you to enter the card data: credit card number, expiration date of the card, and CVV2/CVC2 or CID (the last three numbers pre-printed on the signature strip of your card).

You enter this data straight in the paying site of the processing bank (Komerční banka, a.s.), which will ensure undecipherable encoded data transfer and it will only tell us the authorization result and thus it will instruct us to execute the purchase order. Thus the risk of unauthorized use of your card by a merchant (by us) has been eliminated. During transfer through the Internet your data is protected by high encrypting level and it is not public accessible.
You are informed on the transaction result by e-mail.

If you choose "online by card - VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, VISA Electron" as the way of payment, then the following payment gate will be displayed:

Payment EN

If you choose "PayPal" as the way of payment, then the following payment gate will be displayed:

This payment gate allows you to use your PayPal account, or a payment card to pay for the goods. This includes standard credit cards and debit cards, and it also includes specialized local payment options and instant bank transfers. The actual list of payment options is always adjusted to the country from which the payment is made.

If you choose "American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Moneybookers and further 100 ways of payment" as the way of payment, then the following payment gate will be displayed:


This payment gate enables you to pay for the goods through more than 100 ways of payment. These include usual credit and debit cards, as well as specific local ways of payment and instant bank transfers. The actual scope of the ways of payment is always adpoted to the country in which the payment is made.

What to do if the bank does not confirm your payment?

Non-realized payment may be caused by the following reasons:

  • credit card data were not entered correctly
  • you do not have enough financial means on your account or you have overdrawn your limit for internet transactions
  • your bank has not allowed using for transactions through the Internet. In this case it is necessary to contact your bank.
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