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BS 5395-1:2010   Date:  28.2.2010

Stairs. Code of practice for the design of stairs with straight flights and winders

Technical standard BS 5395-1:2010
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BS 5395-1:2010

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British Technical Standard British Technical Standard

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Ceilings. Floors. Stairs

Stairs, Steps (stairs), Treads (stairs), Straight-flight stairs, Balustrades, Hand-rails, Structural design, Design, Loading, Fire safety, Safety measures, Dimensions, Stability, Slip, Surfaces, Roughness (surface), Noise control (acoustic), Lighting leve

Cross References:
BS 1134-1
BS 5266-1
BS 5395-2
BS 6180
BS 6262-4
BS 7976-2
BS 9999
BS 4211
BS 4592-0
BS 5250
BS 5395-4
BS 5606
BS 6100-6:2008
BS 7953
BS 8233
BS 8300:2009
BS EN 13200-1
BS EN 14076
DD 266:2007
Building Regulations for England and Wales
Building Regulations (Northern Ireland)
Building (Scotland) Regulations
Workplace (Health
Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 (as modified)
Building Regulations for England and Wales. Approved Document K

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